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Jaipur attracts tourists within and abroad, like a magnet pulls a nail. Hip and happening city of India, Jaipur, provides a bamboozling experience stunning you pink! Yes, definitely pink, because its proudly called as the Pink City. Chaotic and congested, as soon you reach there, the hilltop Jaipur forts and glorious palaces would automatically show you a path leading towards the regal history enamoring you fully.

The stucco pink walled city, with men and women, clad in brilliantly colorful apparels would be enough to inspire to explore other attractions such as lakes, wildlife, the spicy yet tasteful cuisine of Jaipur, holy places and temples. Not to forget, the clammy bazaar lanes often captivate tourists and buyers to shop and fill up bags with wonderful souvenirs. The markets are amazingly bargain-filled alleys with exquisite gemstone jewelry to fluttering sarees like catching eye butterflies.

Getting to Jaipur is no big deal but the most convenient mode to have some memorable vacations of your life. With the international airport in action, railways and roadways always provide a method for a pleasant escapade from a mundane routine. Jaipur guarantees a pleasurable vacation within the city and its proximities.

Geared with hotels and accommodations ranging from bed & breakfast, budget hotels to luxury hotels, tourists can always find a best place for boarding and lodging. Including food, the city offers various multi-cuisine restaurants to cater to all sorts of taste buds. There are many Rajasthani food outlets to serve you a titillating experience of the real peppery appetizers. Of course, there are other fast food joints with international reputation like McDonalds, Dominos, Pizza Hut etc.

There is so much to see and experience belonging to architectural art forms such as forts and monuments, museums to feature the past preserved in the form of remains of the old civilization, culture and art. Specially, the museum named Albert Hall, displays the Indo-Sarcenic style of architecture. Similarly, others like Nahargarh, Gaitore, and Amber Fort exhibit the stupendous Rajputana architecture.

There are several old yet grand havelis and palaces tucked away in the heart of the city and its outskirts. One can always plan a tour to such places to get drenched in the old-times charm. Havelis and palaces like Jai Mahal Palace, Ram Bagh Palace, and Samode Haveli etc are a real testimony to the past days of regality and prosperity. Now they also serve as an excellent destination for famous and rich weddings and celebrations to take place. Many of them have been converted to extravagant heritage hotels like Oberoi Raj Vilas, Umaid Mahal, Narain Niwas Palace and many more.

Land in Jaipur and not shop! That can never be the case. Jaipur is a shoppers paradise with all sorts of products ranging from handicrafts, paintings, apparels, footwear and much more. Articles to decorate your living areas are a plus from Jaipur bazaars.
Actually, its not just an element contributing towards making Jaipur a fascinating realization for a foreigner. Instead a foreigner adapts so well here with the local practices that its quite amazing to see that spirit! Ask those who participate in the fairs and festivals organized by RTDC. Rajasthan Tourism Department is responsible to pamper tourists from worldwide, and organize various enthralling events for amusement and a close interaction with the local tradition and culture too.

The evenings are quite pleasant to spend with your near and dear ones. For a quick coffee break, you can always show up at several coffee bars like Caf Coffee Day, Indian Coffee House, Mocha etc. If you like your coffee with some more style and taste, then show up at other coffee stops like Polo Rambagh Palace, Sheesh Mahal, Welcomgroup Rajputana Palace Sheraton, Hotel Mansagar The Trident etc. As the night falls and stars light up the sky, the actual excitement for the rest of the day unfolds. Its actually the nightlife of Jaipur which is the talk of the town. Hang on to many clubs and pubs to enliven the dark hours of your day in Jaipur, with some great music and booze.




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